Jan 14

GN 200GPM mud system is one of our tipical system for HDD drilling . One Korea clients ordered 2 sets of 200GPM mud system from us as bellowing proposal.

The standard capacity for this 200GPM mud system is 200GPM and can reach up to 250GPM . Tank dimention is 7mX2.3mX1.55m with tank foled and shaker & desilter stay on tank while moving . One GNZS83-2 shale shaker and one GNZJ100S with 4 X4″ desilter on tank , one SLH150-30 jet mud mixer on tank skid . The mixing pump can also works as a pre-charging pump . The shale shaker with 60 mesh screen can remove particles down to 250 microns . Desilter pump bring fluids from shaker compartment to feed 4X4″ desilter cyclone , and particles are separated down to 20 microns as the the mud system total separation points.

GN 200GPM mud system can be adjust as per clients request. Based on different of drilling and different of drilling conditions , clients request for 200GPM mud system may be not same . GN always can offer customerized mud system as per custumer request , which maximized our clients all over the world .


written by GN Shale Shaker

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    This is a good mud system artical ,it will helps a lot for us that want to know more for mud system.

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