Apr 17

GN Solids Control is the leading manufacture in China for solids control equipment, drilling waste management system is the new industy and few of China manufacturers build equipment for drilling wastement management equipment till now. Hi-G shaker is one of the equipment for drilling waste management system.

GNZS853 Hi-G Dryer Shaker main specification

1) Single deck

2) GNZS853 is linear motion

3) Treating Capacity: 615GPM

4) Vibrating Strengh: 7.0 G

5) Screen Area: 3.2 square meters

GNZS853 compared with GNZS634 Hi-G dryer shaker.

1) GNZS853 is 3 –panel hi-G dryer, its screen area is larger than the GNZS634 4-panel hi-G dryer. The larger the screen area is, the dryer the cutting is. Total deck screen length is 2550mm, the total deck screen length of GNZS63-4 is 2520mm. Total screen area of GNZS85-3 is 3.2m2, but the total screen area of GNZS63-4 is only 3.15m2. And GNZS85-3’s screen area and total deck length is larger than Derrick 4-panle shale shaker/mud cleaner. So 4-panel shaker is not must be better than 3-panel shaker.

2) GN screen is frame type, the less deck , the more active screen it have. So the 3 deck screen will have more pocent of active screen area.

GN Solids Control also provide other drilling waste management equipment like Vertical Cutting Dryer and Decanter Centrifuge. Please contact us freely


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