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In practice of solids control and waste management for oil and gas drilling, especially in waste management systems, the most suitable decanter centrifuge adopted is high speeded, and 14 inch diameter rotating bowl is an ideal size.

That’s why, as an expertise decanter centrifuge manufacturer for oil and gas drilling field, GN Solids Control’s best seller is always GNLW363 decanter centrifuge. Each year, GN sells about 150 sets of centrifuges, and 70% of them are GNLW363.

For this model, there are VFD speed and fixed speed available, and GN also has highest standard configuration and economic standard configuration for customers to choose from.

Each year, with the valuable feedbacks from purchasers and end-users, GN engineer team designs improvements for this model. And each year, there’s always upgraded model come to be used. For example, at beginning in year 2014, GN started production for GNLW363BG/BD decanter centrifuges, the second generation GNLW363 decanter centrifuge.

Because of this, there GN stopped production for the 1st generation GNLW363 decanting centrifuges, and there is one set of GNLW363G in stock for sale now. That centrifuge is totally brand new, but GN plans to sell it at a very good price just to clear the stock.

Features of this decanter centrifuge for sale:

  1. Highest standard configuration, with SS316L as bowl material.
  2. Tungsten carbide tiles for impeller protection.
  3. Tungsten carbide solids discharge ports.
  4. SKF bearings.

Main difference between 2nd generation and 1st generation decanter centrifuge is the location of the main drive motor and back drive motor. Most Made in China decanter centrifuges’ 2 motors are designed 2 sides of centrifuge, just as 1st generation GN centrifuge. Comparing with 1st generation one, the 2nd generation GNLW363BG Centrifuges’ 2 motors are designed on one side, such design leaving enough operation space for the operators.

Besides above mentioned for sale centrifuge, GN also has another in stock one for sale, GNLW454, big bowl and large length-diameter ratio, GN just stopped that model, and the last set is for sale. But it is brand new.

May you have any interest in centrifuges, welcome to contact us freely.

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