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Not only for oil and gas drillings, which must need a well performance solids control system of mud separation system, but also, for other drillings, like HDD, water well drilling, they also need mud cleaning systems to enhance the efficiency and to cut the cost for drilling. Even for piling and TBMs, which projects are nearer to the earth surface, a slurry separation plant or system is very necessary.

Unlike the oil and gas solids control systems and HDD mud cleaning systems which are always divided per treating capacity by GPMs, the TBM and piling slurry separation systems are divided into cubic meters per hour. Among them, the most popular and common capacities are 240 cubic meters per hour and 120 cubic meters per hour. Recently, GN Solids Control has sold to Asia market and Australia market such slurry separation systems.

This 240 cubic meter slurry separation system is combined with following equipments and components:

GNZY705E-Y2S desander mud cleaner. The lower deck is as the shale shaker, with comparably coarse screens, as recommended mesh number 25. The upper deck is the under shaker for the desander cones, with mesh number 60. On the lower deck, there are 3 pieces of screens, while on the upper deck there are 2 pieces of screens. The 2 desander cones are made of high quality PU for a longer service life.

Feeding pump for the desander cones, decided by the capacity, there is always equipped a 55kw centrifugal pump, in some cases, in order to cut the power consumption, we could also use a submersible slurry pump for alternative, with 45KW power consumption.

A tank under the equipment, with very compact design. After removing the desander cones, this slurry separation system could be shipped in a 20ft container.


This above mentioned system is economic configuration of this capacity. For same capacity systems, GN also has higher configuration with mixing system, mud agitators and mud guns. Customers could choose suitable configurations per jobsite condition.

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