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Where there is drilling rig, there is drilling mud. No matter it is oil and gas drilling or HDD rig drilling for a underground pipeline, or water well drilling or even mining, the operators need to use mud for the drilling, and such drilling mud must to be recycled properly, not only for cutting the cost, but also to protect the environment from being damaged.

GN Solids Control is a worldly well known manufacturer and professional designer for the solids control systems for oil and gas drilling rig and other drilling projects mud recycling works. In fact, GN is the only and long term supplier for the largest HDD contractor in China. This company has brought GN’s mud recycling systems to many countries and regions in the world and they are very satisfied with GN’s good quality products and quick response to service.


What mud recycling systems does GN Solids Control produce?

Normally, GN Solids Control’s mud recycling systems could be divided into 2 kinds, economic ones with standard models like GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D and GNMS-1000D, and high configuration ones with standard models like GNMS-200G, GNMS-500G and GNMS-1000G.


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What’s the different between the economic mud recycling system and the high configuration mud recycling system?

Normally, the economic recycling systems are used for Bored Pile or TBM Drilling works, in such works, the requested standard is not so high comparing with HDD systems. So there is normally no mixing system for this system, just separating step is OK. In GN’s design, the 2 separation steps are designed in a compact equipment, which is combined of desander cones and a double deck shale shaker. The lower deck is used as the first separation shale shaker, which is used to delete the particles larger than 100 microns. The upper deck shaker is used like the drying shaker of the desander. For the second separation step, the particles larger than 40 microns are separated out.

What capacities available?

In order to serve the customers’ need quickly and well, GN designed standard models for the most common capacities, like 200GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM, with GN models respectively GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D and GNMS1000D.


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