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GNZS shale shaker brief introduction

GNZS Shale shaker from GN Solids Control. GN has been designing and manufacturing a full line of  Primary Shale Shakers assembly. Along with a complete line of Replacement Screens. GNZS Shale shaker including linear motion and balanced elliptical shale shaker

Shale shaker used in drilling fluids procssing, usually called “shale shaker”, vibration equipment for filtering drilling cuttings from a circulation drilling fluids. Its primary purpose is to remove as many solids as possible without removing excessive amounts of drilling fluids.

GNZS Linear motion Shale Shaker

GNZS Linear motion Shale Shaker

GNZS Shale shaker used in many industries

Oil & Gas well drilling mud purification system

Coal gas bed drilling slurry solids control

Horizontal directional drilling Mud equipments

Thermal well drilling, other civil construction slurry separation

Mining slurry separation and recycling

GNZS Shale shaker advantages on performance.

GN Solids Control is one of the proponents of the Linear Motion Shaker which has become the principal type of shale shaker in use on drilling fluids purification system nowadays. The vibration induced by the linear motion shale shaker by means of a pair of eccentric (or eccentrically weighted) shafts turning in opposite directions allows for the development of straight line or linear motion and the ability to run the shale shaker bed or screen basket in a positive (uphill) increase.

However, GN Solids Control now also improve the fourth generation shale shaker, GNPS balanced elliptical shale shaker for customers’ high performance on drilling mud purification and circulation.  Compared with other linear motion shale shaker

Ease of operation with low maintenance costs of GNZS Shale shaker

  • Optional Scalping Deck with flow back tray available for all shaker models. (See Scalping Deck Advantages)
  • Explosion Proof Starters to make sure safe operation.
  • Various kind of shale shaker screen panels.
  • Low noise operation
  • Energy absorption plate at the Screen Deck to reduce initial fluid impact and stress on screens.
  • Screen Deck angle (-1˚ to + 5˚)can be adjusted mechanically while operating, with ratcheting system
  • Electrical wiring harness shielded in rigid conduit and mounted off of vibrating deck

GNZS Linear motion Dual Shale Shaker

GNZS Shale shaker considerable achievement

GNZS shale shaker designed with High “G” Force, and with adjustment, larger screen area , durable and reliable, less footprint effect, high performance, lower noise. GNZS Shale shaker widely used in drilling fluids separation on oil and gas well drilling, HDD mud system, civil construction, thermal well drilling, etc. Moreover, GNZS shale shaker sold to many clients both domestic and oversea, got good feedback and high reputation.


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