Mar 09

GN Solids America LLC is a branch company of  Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. GN Solids Control established its office and warehouse in Houston, Texas last year. There we have our equipment in stocked.

The first batch of decanter centrifuges we delivered there have been test ran by local customers. They are GN Solids Control most popular medel GNLW363G fro fix speed and GNLW363VFD for variable speed. Customers show great interest on the test. If it’s tested ok they will keep it and draw us more quantity. If it can not meet their demand they could just send it back to us without any payment.

The second shipment with shale shakers has just arrived our warehouse these days. The shakers are GN Solids Control’s new model GNZS594 shale shaker. The following chart shows GN Solids Control’s shale shaker specification. You could find out GNZS594 shale shakers specs.

Model GNZS752 GNZS703 GNZS594 GNZS703D
Capacity 200GPM(45m³/h) 528GPM(120m³/h) 615GPM(140m³/h) 528GPM(120m³/h)
Motor Power 2×0.75KW 2×1.72KW 2×1.72KW 2×1.94KW
Top Shaker Screen 2 Panel 1.4m2 3 Panel 2.6m2 4 Panel 2.7m2 3 Panel 2.1m2
Bottom Screen N/A N/A N/A 3 Panel 2.6m2
Vibrating Strength ≤7.5G(Adjustable)
Double Amplitude 6.0~7.2mm
Deck Adjustment +2° -1°~+5° -1°~+5° -1°~+5°
Power 380V/50HZ, or 460V/60HZ or Customized
Weir Height
(Buffer box)
Top Type:710mm Back type:895mm
Top type :1042mm
Back type:895mm Back type:895mm
Starter Magnetic force starter
Decibels <85db
Weight 750kg 1645kg 1800kg 2000kg
Dimension (mm) 1650x1260x1077 2717x2012x1413 2937x2012x1413 2717x2012x1413
Remarks Treating capacity test from mud:1.2g/cm3density & viscosity 45s & API40  screen

The shale shakers arrived in Houston are also available for customers to test. We promise to provide customers with high quality products with competitive price. We are not afraid of  trial run.  If you are interested please contact us at +1-713-878-0880. With our Houston office support we could provide our honorable customers with fast supply and good after sales service.


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