Dec 22

GN Solids Control this year updated their shale shakers and decanting centrifuges. GN developed a new shale shaker mofel GNZS594. Few days ago GN dispatched 3 units GNZS594 Shale shakers and 2 units GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuges to a Middle East customer.The customer is local oil service company with many years industry experience.

GNZS594 Shale Shaker is a new design shale shaker for GN Solids Control. This shaker uses same screens as Mongoose shaker. The shale shaker screens are manufactured by GN itself in his own shaker screen factory. The screen is composite material with long life use. GNZS594 shale shaker uses 4 panel shaker screens. The treating capacity can reach 615GPM.

GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge is new design optimized. It is with PLC control panel. Till now GN Solids Control is the only manufacturer in China who holds this technology. The screws are protected with tungsten carbide tiles which is anti abrasion and easily replacement. The main body of the centrifuge uses SS316L stainless steel. There are many more improvements to make GN Centrifuge more user friendly. Such as hydraulic support on the collection box and vibrating sensor.

GN Solids Control keeps pace with the market requests. We focused on provide customers with high quality user friendly equipments at a competitive price.


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