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GNZS83-3 Shale shaker technique specs

GNZS83-3 Shale shaker holds 3 pcs of shaker screen. It is a linear motion shale shaker. The screen area is 830 X 1080mm by 3. Then the total shaker screen area is 2.7 sq.m or 28.9 sq.ft. The biggest vibration strength is 7.0G, however, it is adjustable by adjusting the eccentric block in motors.

The 2 vibration motors on GNZS83-3 is 1.72KW or 1.8KW.  The double amplitude is 5.5~6.0mm. The screen deck adjust angle is -1°~5°. 

GNZS83-3 Shale shaker

GNZS83-3 Shale shaker

Above specs results the treating capacity up to 615GPM.  And if we change the flat screen to pyramid screen the treating capacity will be much larger. Furthermore, the screen installation method results good stability and streching well for high efficiency treating capacity.

KTL-48-Tango Shale shaker technique specs

The Kem-Tron KTL-48-Tango Shale shaker is the holds big screen area with large treating capacity. The total screen is 56 sq. ft. 

As we know, there are two decks screen on this shale shaker. However, the effective shaker screen is just the second deck screen. There are 3 pcs screens also and the screen area is 717 X 1245mm by 3. Then it’s up to 2.7 sq.m. or 28.8 sq.ft.  The drilling fluids after going through the first deck shaker screen will fall into second deck. Then the real process is beginning

About the  shaker screen on KTL-48-Tango, it should be  KPT-28, KPT-40, KDX. 

KEM-TRON KTL-48-Tango Shaker

KEM-TRON KTL-48-Tango Shaker

KEM-TRON manufactures linear motion shale shakers.  Shaker options include single or double deck, one to six screen panels, dual or single point jacking system, carbon or stainless steel, linear motion. The common features are as following: 

  • Deck angle adjustment from -3 to +7 degrees
  • High “G” Force of 5-7+
  • Quick screen panel changes with wedge locking pretensioned screens
  • Stainless steel springs for longer life


Comparison between GNZS83-3 and KTL-48-Tango

The shaker screen for both shale shaker is almost same. While GNZS83-3 is a bit larger than KTL-48-Tango.  They are both linear motion type.  Both them hold strong vibration force up to 7.0G. The difference is the shaker screen installation type. However the both method are easy operation.

No matter GNZS83-3 Shale shaker or KTL-48-Tango, they are popular with well drilling contractors. The shale shakers are considered as wonderful first stage solids control equipments. Presently, well drilling is always developing rapidly the drilling mud equipments requirements and development are also growwing inconceivably.

GN Solids Control is always making updates and improvement for more and more ideal solutions on drilling mud processing for Oil&Gas well drilling, HDD, etc.


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