Nov 20

GN solids Control is China along with USA based leading provider for solids control equipment  & drilling waste management equipment. Our own equipment includes solids manage equipment, mud system, drilling waste management equipment etc .
Recently, most of us ship one set drilling cuttings solidification unit to help Africa client. The client will be local professional oil Agency with many years experience within solids control & drilling waste management. Formerly, the client wants to obtain US brand fixation model. However , the client checks the style of our fixation unit, and after that compare the price with US brand name fixation unit. Finally, the customer choose GN Solids Management brand for the fixation system.

2015.11.13 cuttings solidification unit
GN drilling cuttings fixation unit composed of below products.
1) One hopper to gather drilling waste from shaker discharge / mud solution discharge / centrifuge produce
2) One screw conveyor connected with waste hopper, exchange the screw conveyor for you to mixing blender.
3) A pair of sets stainless steel chemical container with screw conveyor attached to both side of food blender, to add curing agent or even cement
4) One combining blender to mix the healing agent / cement using drilling waste.
Except for often the drilling cuttings fixation device, the client also bought one conical bottom mud tank for you to storage liquid drilling mud. A pair of mud agitator installed on major of mud tank with regard to mixing function.
The client found our factory to do the check up before delivery. We conduct some adjustment as per the client’s necessity and add more support components.
After client visit our company, he is very interested in the solids control equipment, particularly interested indecanter centrifuges as well as vertical cuttings dryer. Right now, all solids control devices working in his country will be USA brand, like Derrick solids control equipment, SWACO centrifuges. The cost is very excessive and cost callback is rather slow. After he discovered our solids control performing video at many work site, the client want to buy 2 units centrifuge for test buy.
GN Solids Control centrifuge & other solids manage equipment, working performance nearly same as USA brand hues control equipment. Price is significantly better, and client can callback cost very soon.


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