Dec 15

After more than one month fabrication and commissioning work, GN Solids Control just finished a complete set of solids control system ready to be air-shipped to an Australian client, yeah, correct, not transported by sea, instead, it will be transported by air directly to the no-road-linked jobsite across the ocean.
Australia is a special market with more strict standards than other countries, even stricter than the USA and European countries. It has special cable color, handrail height and electrical explosive proof standards. Besides, for this system, since the client has to transport it to a place with no road, the weight is carefully calculated for helicopter transportation.
This mud system contains following equipment and sections:

  1. Six sets of mud tanks for the complete solids control system, including shaker tank, mixing tank and storage tanks.
  2. Shale shaker 2 sets as the first step separation and all shaker screens are also from GN Solids Control.
  3. Mud gas separator 1 set for remove the flammable gas from the drilling fluids.
  4. Mud cleaner 1 set, including the desander and desilter cones for the 2nd and 3rd step separation.
  5. Centrifugal pumps 8 sets. Centrifugal pump is one of GN Solids Control’s core product, for the pump impeller and pump casing are made of hard alloy, which ensures a longer service life.
  6. Jet mud mixing unit 2 sets, one for use the other for backup, for adding new chemical or material into the clean drilling mud.
  7. Mud agitators for each tank, totally 18 sets.
    As the leading manufacturer of solids control system and equipment in China and one of the well-known brands in the world, GN Solids Control is the 1st Chinese brand to be accepted by Australia and also the 1st one to enter the oil and gas industry in Australia. And this is the 2nd sets of mud system GN has made for this market, to be transported by air.

written by shale shaker

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