Jul 16

Ever since GN started the production of GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuges, this high speeded good quality centrifuge has been the best seller among all GN products, especially the high configuration GNLW363BG, which is of highest international standard. Right now, GN has 2 sets of high standard GNLW363BG in stock, FOR SALE, with a big discount of 20%.


high speed GNLW363BG FOR SALE

high speed GNLW363BG FOR SALE

Why So Big Discount?

Since this year, GN has changed design of GNLW363 series decanter centrifuges, by changing the position of motors. Before, main motor and back motor are separated on 2 sides of centrifuge. But now, the 2 motors are on one side. These 2 sets GNLW363BG Centrifuges are TOTALLY BRAND NEW, just FOR SALE to release stock.

What Features They Have?

Besides the location of motors, they share same features like new GNLW363BG. Including:
1. Bowl material: SS2205 Stainless steel
2. Impeller protection: replaceable tungsten carbon tiles for impeller, up to 4mm.
3. Solids discharge ports protected by tungsten carbide tiles.
4. Original SKF bearings for reliable performance and longer service life.

Other For Sale Decanter Centrifuges Available?

May you have interest, welcome to contact me freely at Renee@gnsolidcontrol.com

Or call me directly at 0086-18511893912


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