Dec 08

In last month, from November 11th to 14th, the ADIPEC was held in ADNEC Conference Center of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and along with the recovery of the oil industry, this festival attracted more visitors than the past 5 years’ and also gained the eyeballs of the elites from all Middle East Countries, even the king of Abu Dhabi. More than 2,200 exhibitors attended this year’s ADIPEC, and it attracted more than 150,000 professional visitors.

GN Solids Control attended this oil show as always, and this year, GN got an even bigger booth with more equipment shown in the exhibition, including:

  1. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG. Decanter centrifuge is important equipment for both solids control and waste management applications in oil and gas industry, and also more and more widely used for other separation projects like oily sludge separation, bottom tank cleaning and etc. It is quite efficient for separation works. GN has a full range of centrifuge models ranging from 9 inch diameter to 30 inch diameter.
  2. ViST vacuum screen device for shakers. This design enables the shaker to have higher efficiency by saving around 30% mud than usual. It is fixed to the last piece of screen and by providing a negative force form below screen, it helps make cuttings dryer.
  3. GNSP Vacuum pump for transferring material with large particles or material with high viscosity to a quite far distance. For this vacuum pump, GN has different models available respectively for 10 cbm/hr, 20cbm/hr and 40 cbm/hr three models.
  4. Shaker screens. GN has a factory for shaker screens and all GN frame screens are made of composite material frame. Welding and cutting are proceeded by robots to insure the stable quality.
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written by shale shaker

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