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Drillnig mud processing system nomenclature

Commonly, the drilling mud system named from treating capacity. Such as 500GPM fluids system, 200GPM mud system. However, there are also many users like calling the system by mud tank capacity. Such as 400bbl system, 500bbl mud tank system, etc.

This fluids system information

It is similar with other systems. Including GN shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pumps, mud mixing pump, mud tank as vessel of drilling fluids during the process.

The mud tank is 9000 x 2300 x 1800mm. It holding total effective capacity up to 110bbl. For dirty mud up to 45bbl capacity then for clean mud up to 65bbl capacity.

Then the shale shaker is GNZS83-3. Its treating capacity is 615GPM it’s rather effective and easy to operate. Subsequent is GNZJ83-3 mud cleaner. It combined with eight 4″ desilter cones and two 8″ desander cones. Its treating capacity is up to 615GPM also. So it gives much more harmony with whole system.

In this system, there is also centrifugal pump for mud cleaner. And the mud mixing pump, submersible slurry pump for shale shaker to pump mud from mud pit or some mud pool, etc.

GN Drilling Fluids System

GN Drilling Fluids System

How does 1110bbl system work?

Operation instruction

All of valves are closed when the system arrive at job site. The user must operate it according to following processes:

Firstly, when the system arrive at site, user should place, connect, install, configure the system subject to the actual condition. Since the system is just a part of the drilling mud purification system, its main purpose is purification, mixing the drilling fluids but not storing the drilling mud. User should connect this system with outlet of drilling rig bracket and prepare one storage tank or mud pit to contain drilling mud for supplying mud to the drilling rig.

Furthermore, inlet of GNZS83-3 Shale shaker holds 4” (PN1.0,DN100)flange/quick connection. User should connect the shale shaker to the submersible slurry pump.

Then every equipments start and stop separately they won’t affect each other. The user can use any equipment according to the drilling fluids conditions. As soon as the drilling rig begin working and drilling mud is provided appropriately the system will work well. 

Electric control instruction

The electricity control system including chief control cabinet, branch switch button, cables and lightings, etc. The incoming electricity connected with chief control cabinet firstly. Submersible slurry pump holds 22kw power, 1#, 2# cetnrifugal pump, shale shaker, mud cleaner electric power will be controlled by 1# control cabinet. While 3# centrifugal pump(mud mixing pump), mud agitator, high pressure cleaner, level gauge will be controlled by 2#control cabinet.

Shale shaker and mud cleaner will hold separated magnetic starter, the starter has connection box and the electricity supply will be give by chief control cabinet. There is preventer of electricity leakage. The control cabinet is conbenient to operate and maintain.


Maintenance on the fluids system

a) Please operate the equipments according to manual and regulation exactly

b) The mud tank surface should keep clean during operation

c) Every time after processing, user must clean all sand and drilling mud out of tank. All of pipelines should release drilling mud to ensure no jam or block. Especially in winter, make pipe clean totally will avoid frozen broken on pipeline and tank.


GN Solutions for you

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