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To know how does mud agitator work we must know the basis information on its working principle and main function, etc.

Agitator function in drilling mud process

In order to keep the drilling fluids even and make particles suspending, we need to fix the agitators on recycling tank. Agitating will promote the coordination of drilling mud material, such as bentonite and barite. The agitation is very important to dissolve the bentonite, it increases the area between each part and increase the speed of reaction.

Drilling cuttings is the main harmful solid, we need to separate them out to make sure the high performance of the agitator. Make the solid suspending will be helpful to separate them by Desander, Desilter, and dcanter centrifuge. But the useful solid such as weighting materials including red iron, barite powder and some bentonite need even suspension. All of this will keep drilling mud density and other features steady. So we must keep agitator working continuously to avoid solid precipitating

Drill Fluid Agitator

Drill Fluid Agitator

Mud agitator kinds

In oil well drilling mud solids control system, presently we use mechanical agitators, but minority will use hydraulic agitators also. The mechanical agitator is combined with transfer device, shaft and impeller.

Different type agitators will have different function, such as moving agitators, tube type agitators, swing agitator. Moving agitator contains two rotation type. Including self-rote according to itself bearing center, and the revolution subject to tank center. Both rotation including vertical type and horizontal type. This results strong convection will keep solid not deposite

How to choose agitator impeller

There are many types agitator impeller in chemical and food industry. The impeller have wide use range so in oil field solids control there are mainly 3-4 types. Including oar type, opening turbo, round turbo, and push type

During long time experience and research, all types impeller and dimensions have an approximate range if we design impellers not included in these types they will not be ideal neither on outlook nor performance. Equally the working condition and object viscosity and flow situation also have certain appropriate range

After above information we also need to know the recycling rate calculation of impeller and the size and layer as well as the agitator motor power selection. We ever talked something on these matter in former articles. If you still have other questions just contact GN freely

Other issues on drilling mud agitators

The agitator can be designed as elevating shaft. The seal on reduction box bearing is rather important. Including self –sealing, filling seal, etc. Then the rotary speed, horse power, impeller, etc.

All of above information is basic and important for agitator working. To choose ideal solution on agitators and find appropriate proposal is very important for whole drilling mud solids control system. This will affect other equipments during process


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