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Oilfield drilling mud equipments

Usually, in oilfield drilling  mud solids control equipments are four stage. Including Shale shaker; Vacuum degasser; Desander & Desilter or Mud cleaner combined with desander, desilter and underflow shaker; Then the Decanting centrifuge.

Besides above listed ones, we also need assistant equipments to support the whole mud sytem.  Such as Mud mixing pump; Centrifugal pump divided into Horizontal and Vertical type, as well as Submersible slurry pump; Mud agitator; Poor boy degasser; Flare ignition device. Poor boy degasser and Flare ignition device are specific equipments to avoid accident.

Mud sytem process

First stage solids contorl

The shale shaker is key equipments and first stage equipments on drilling mud system. Nowadays, shale shaker can be linear motion shaker, balanced elliptical shale shaker, also the dual motion shale shaker as we talked before. The mud flow into shaker by high way pipeline. The vacuum degasser follow shaker.  Then processed by shale shaker separate partical bigger than 76 microns.Vacuum degasser will get rid of small capacity invaded gas.

Four stage oil drilling mud system

Four stage oil drilling mud system

The second-third stage processing

Then the clean mud will fall into the shaker compartment and pumped by desander pump into desanding cones inlet.  After desanding the clean mud will flow into the desilter compartment and pumped into desilting cones inlet by desilter pump. The mud after desilter process will down to underflow shaker after that the partical size will be less than 15microns.

The fourth stage

The decanting centrifuge is the 4th solids control equipment in oil well drilling mud system. After mud cleaner separating there will be particals less than 15 microns. And usually the centrifuge can separate solids between 2-7microns. The speed is important issue decides treating capacity and separation size. Commonly, 1800RPM can separate solids larger than 5-7 microns, and 3200-3500 can separate particals 2-5 microns. As we all know, the relationship between speed and treating capacity is inverse ratio

Other assistant mud equipments

Such as Centrifugal pump, used in pumping mud for desilter and desander. And there maybe vertical type for centrifuge. At this time it will be submersible slurry pump; the Mud mixing pump combined with centrifugal pump, Ventrie hoppers used to feeding mud material, do some circulation or configuration on drilling mud, the mud mixng pump also can be combined with shearing pump to do more strong and effective processing.

About the mud agitator, it is usually used together with mud gun as mixing device to make drilling mud more even; Finally the poor boy degasser and flare ignition device, they are specific equipments to avoid accident on oil well drilling, the poor boy degasser get rid of large quantity invaded gas in mud, after degasser processing the flare ignition device will burn it up to make sure satety operation


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