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Variable frequency centrifuge

More and more customer inquire the variable frequency centrifuge for the drilling mud process. As we all know, when we use the centrifuge it means the drilling cuttings should be 2~7microns. For the high speed centrifuge it will separate 2~5 microns particles out.

If the client ask for the variable frequency on decanting centrifuge it should be high speed one. Since when we change the frequency on centrifuge it will have higher speed for smaller solids separation

Centrifuge Drum

Centrifuge Drum

The work principle

Usually, when we start one centrifuge we must start the assistant motor firstly. Then the whole drum including screw impeller will move. After tens of seconds we need to start the main motor.

 Since at this occassion the main motor is much easier to be driven and protect the motors. The main motor will increase the frequency by and by until it’s up to the value you’ve regulated, such as 50Hz.

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

When the centrifuge is working well, we can switch on the feeding pump. According to drilling depth on well, the cuttings will be smaller and smaller. Then we need to increase frequency to make sure the cuttings separate out and keep the property of the mud.  We all know, when the well is deeper the requirements on drilling fluid will be more strict.

When we increase the frequency we just need to push one button on the frequency control cabinet. Frequency beome higher the speed will be higher also.

You see, the decanter centrifuge is after the desilter or mud cleaner. Since particle size is smaller than 15 microns. If necessary, the separation point will be  7~15 microns of the under set shale shaker.

Then we can separate smaller solids out of fluids. Rotrary speed is more higher the treating capacity will be less but the separation size will be smaller and smaller.

If we need to switch off the centrifuge, we must stop the feeding  pump firstly, main motor subsequently, assistant motor finally.

Variable frequency centrifuge manufacturer

All over the world, there are so many manufacturer on centrifuges. For famouse ones are Derrick, Mi-Swaco, NOV Brandt, American manufacturers; also GN Solids Control, SCI, etc. Every manufacturer hold their own strength and superiority.

Considering the professional capability on solids control, the decanter centrifuge need to be from specific manufacturer. If it is used in system, we must take the harmony in account.

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