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As we know presently drilling fluids solids control system  is rather important to well drillings. How to configure the equipments and the exact position of each device is the key. If the equipment hold very excellent capacity but without appropriate position will decrease its half effect, while some equipments will be useless.

Drilling fluids system configuration

Drilling fluids system configuration

If the solids control equipment doesn’t have good property or don’t have ideal configuration then the solids in drilling fluid will increase. At this occasion we must use quantities of chemicals to dilute drilling mud, then we have invested much unnecessary cost and it is easy to happen complicated situation in the well bore.

The recycling tank in fluids system

Solids control system should be the equipments combined with recycling tanks. So the recycling tanks is the key parts in solids control system

Drilling fluids tank is used to store, configure, recycle and process the drilling fluid. Its capacity should cater to the largest circulation capacity during the weell drilling as well as the sufficient storage capacity.

Usually we’ll make it as many separated mud containers. Nowadays most manufacturers make the tanks with compartments. If there is no compartment they will make circle pipe to balance  and transfer dirlling fluids between tanks this will leave the fluids at the same level when it is still

Commonly speaking, if we drill a well deep 3200m, the recycling tanks capacity should be not less than 165CBM, and the sotrage tank should be not less than 80CBM, every recycling tank should be 7×2.5x2m=35CBM.

If drill a well deep 4500m, then the recycling tank should be not less than 200CBM, and the sotrage tanks should be not less than 120CBM, and every recycling tank should be 8×2.7×2.1m=45CBM.

For 6000m~8000m well we need drilling fluids tank be not less than 270CBM, and storage tank should be not less than 160CBM. One point, the silting tank should be not too short, at least provide sufficient space for fixing three shale shakers

Drilling fluid solids control equipment

Drilling fluid solids control equipment

The normal incorrect configuration on solids control equipments in drilling fluids

Drilling fluids after processed will be expelled  into upper stream of the suction tank. If the overflow of desander and desilter flow into the tank above the pump sution then the desander and desilter can only process 50% drilling fluids come from the well head but the other half flow make the round of them.

There is also manufacturer make centrifugal pump suction and overflow position in the same tank. This will make the fluids as a small circulation and the fluids system will have nearly0% treating capacity.

Then another design is centrifugal pump suck drilling fluids from silting tank. Actually the settling tank is used to sedimentation but not suction. If there is no solid precipitation the drilling fluids will flow into next tank with incfreasing particles and then vacuum degasser as well as desander will be blocked so become useless.

Rough solid particles will have bigger load to increase centrifugal pump abrasion. When we stop the centrifugal pump during well drilling, solid particles will bury suction inlet of centrifugal pump. Then when we start the pump it may be broken since the block and cavitation damage.

Because desander capacity is bigger than drilling fluids flow to rig, the settling tank level will decrease, finally the air will go to pump suction and will lead hydrocyclone have bad performance

Need professional configuration in drilling fluids system?

Firstly, we must know the detailed well drilling information including do we drill it how deep will we drill it? Or how big capacity is our preference, how many tanks do we require.

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