Mar 31

GN Solids Control is known as a manufacturer and supplier of drilling mud system, not only the individual equipment. Some customers do have mud tanks; they only need order the equipment like shale shaker and centrifuge units. While some other customers will require the complete mud system including the mud tanks and necessary tank attachments. Then, how to order mud System from GN?

When customers come to GN for a quote on complete mud mixing system, GN’s sales will ask few questions as below:

What type drilling the mud system used for?

What are the Rig type, power and model?

How deep you will drill?

What is the required flow rate or treating capacity of the mud system?

Where is the rig location?

Some customer may feel boring to see so many questions. Please be patient, all GN’s sales representative are trained to get as much as information from customer via different questions. The purpose is to give the best proposal to customers. If you are a mud engineer, you know well on the mud system, you may understand easily that all the questions asked by GN are critical on making the proposal. And if unfortunately, you are a new one to buy a mud system, you will feel it is complicated to buy a mud system. Fortunately, so long as you answered all the questions, then GN could provide a suitable solution for you.


On the other hand, GN does have standard configuration of mud system for customers to choose.

In regards to oil gas drilling rig, GN has mud systems for rig from 350HP to 2000HP. Here the HP means the power of the rig winch. And for the mud systems used in HDD projects, GN design ranges from 200GPM to 1500GPM, compact structure and self-contained. GN also has economic mud recycling unit for water well drilling, piling and TBM projects. All these mud system could be designed standard and customized.

If you have the request on a mud system but you don’t know how to order a suitable one, just contact with GN Solids Control as every sales guy in GN are good at guiding customer to find what they are looking for.


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