Feb 22

Shale shaker is a very important equipment amoung a complete solids control system. To evaluate shale shaker performance, there are 2 main points : G force and shaker screen size. The larger area of shaker screen, the better performance of shaker, this is easy to measure.

G Force for Shale Shaker

The G-force of a shaker is an empirical number useful in comparing different shakers. In the real world, performance is more important. Some of the factors included in proper cuttings conveyance include, deck angle, amplitude, actual shape of motion (whether true linear, orbital, or skewed elliptical, and the width of the ellipse.), damping forces, shaker screen mesh size and ratio, and other things that don’t come to mind right now. The best way to evaluate a shaker is to run it under real world conditions, including the formation you intend to separate. Balling clay reacts differently from sand, and requires different parameters to perform well.

Test G Force of Shale Shaker

For shaker manufacturer , it’s easy to test G force Number by a G Force machine, but it’s not convenient for user to test a G force without this G Force machine. Here we suggest you a G Force card which can test a rough G force easily and very convenient. Porcedure as bellow:

1) Paste G Force card one shaker deck while shaker is working.

2) Check all different size of circle on card and find the right size which two circle just beside each other closely

3) Caculate G Force to follow the card way

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