Jan 05

Recently GN Solids Control got an order from an Australian customer of a whole set solids control mud system. This system is used to recovery drill cuttings and drilling mud. It’s configured with hydraulic jack up legs for easy transport to meet the requirement of frequency transport from one site to another.

This mud system is a water based mud recycling system. It consists of  shale shaker, desilter, decanter centrifuge and Hi-G dryer shaker.  The High G dryer shaker is mainly used for water based mud treatment. It’s widely used in drilling waste management. While for the oil based mud, GN has vertical cuttings dryer for the treatment. The drilling fluids goes through shale shakers, desitlers and centriguge. The clean recycled mud is falls into a large clean compartment. The drill cuttings separated from shale shakers, desilters and decanter centrifuges is transferred to Hi G dryer shaker for a further treatment. After the treatment of dryer shaker, you will get rather dry cuttings.

With increasing legislation, public awareness and minimum operator environmental standards, the containment, handling and treatment of drilling waste has increased in importance and now ranks in importance along side that of drilling fluids in many countries around the world. GN Solids control has relative equipment for drilling waste management.

The system for Australian customer now is in assembling and soon it will be delivered. The customer will come and inspect the system in our factory in Beijing before delivery. GN Solids Control has exported a lot of such systems to Australian market. Compact design mud system is also very popular in this market.


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