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Shaker screen will be blinding when a lot of solids lodged in the hole of screen by block. This will always happen when drilling in fine sands, for example in the Gulf of Mexico. There are some conditions for shaker screen blinding happens.


  1. When you installed a new screen on shale shaker, the circulation drilling fluid will falls through the shaker screen in a very short distance.
  2. After working a time, the drilling fluid will endpoint travels to the end of the shaker.
  3. Once this happens, the shaker screens will be changed to eliminate the rapid discharge of drilling mud off shale shaker screen from end.
  4. When the shaker screens had been washed, the fine sand will be easily to lodge in the surface of screen that you can observed. The surface of the shaker screen will resemble fine sand paper because of the sand particles lodged in the openings.


One standard solution for screen blinding is to install a finer or coarser shaker screen one the shale shaker that screen blinded. This will be successful when the sand in drilling mud has a narrow size distribution. Or you can change a rectangular shaker screen on the shale shaker.


Blinding – the “plastering” of a soft t material over and in the mesh, rendering it blocked.

Remedy = wash with high pressure fluid using the base fluid of the drilling fluid. If this fails, fit coarser screens temporarily.

Plugging – the blocking of the mesh by a particle (usually sand) fitting into the pore throat of the mesh.

Remedy = wash with high pressure fluid using the base fluid of the drilling fluid. This is best done from beneath the screen (after removal). It is often successful to place a finer screen on to reduce the “near size” plugging.

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