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Kem-Tron mud recycling system is one of the popular mud system in the world . Many users choose Kem-Tron for solutions , here I will introduce one of Kem-Tron mud recycling system for you .

Main Equipments and layout for Kem-Tron 1000 mud recycling system

One side are 2 set of Tango shale shaker for 1000GPM capacity with  With 56 sq. ft. of screen area. The following is a desander with 2 qty of 12″ cyclone for the second phase of recycling mud .A desilter with 12 qty of 5″ cyclone is flowed after a desander for third phase of recycling mud . Then a mud hopper and electrical control box is stayed following and 3 pumps for desander , desilter and mixing is one the end of another side . Tank total length about 12meters .

Characteristics of Kem-Tron 1000 mud recycling system

Firstly , this mud recycling system is a mobile unit which have wheel at one side of this unit for easy moving . Secondly , it’s a combination of recycling mud part and mixing mud part . Thirdly , This recycling unit don’t have mud agitator which don’t have a good agitate fuction . Forthly , It’s mainly focused on recycling mud not mixing which enabled this system flexible and exquisite.Lastly , the price for this recycling unit is costly .

GN equivalent 1000GPM mud system with Kem-Tron 1000

GN Solids Control is a Chinese manufacture for mud recycling system and have started to design for mobile system recently . For GN 1000GPM mud system  , here is some breif info for that.

Main Equipments and Layout for GN1000GPM mud system

2 sets of balanced elliptical motion shale shaker GNPS70-3 with frame pyramid screen , 1 set of desander with 2×12″ cyclone and a GNPS70-3 shaker , 1 set of desilter with 12×5″ desilter cone and a GNPS70-3 shaker , 1 set LWF450x842 decanter centrifuge for better performance, 1 set of SLH150-50 jet mud mixer , one recycling tank with shakers and desander desilter , 1 mixing tank with decanter centrifuge and jet mud mixer .

Advantages of  GN1000 GPM mud system compared with Kem-Tron

Firstly , it increased a LWF450x742 decanter centrifuge which enabled GN mud system for better separation of solids particals in drilling fluids . Secondly , it uses mud agitators  so that the agitate functions is much better . Thirdly , It has 2 tanks with mud larger mud capacity so treating effect will be better and mixing fuctions is much better too. Lastely , it will be not convenient as Kem-Tron system as they only one tank .

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