Nov 14

em-Tron Simple Simon Drilling Mud Cleaning System

Kem-Tron Simple Simon drilling mud cleaning system is developed for sue with rigs such as the D40x40,50×100,DD6 and JT4020 with mud mixing part to handling 150-190GPM drilling mud. The Simple Simon mud system is complete with:

1) 1800 gallon 2 compartment holding tank
2) Hi-G patented multifunctional linear motion shaker operating with high conductance pretension screens

The bottom deck of the shaker acts as a primary scalper and the top deck as a mud cleaner-drying the porticals from the desilter cones

3) Three 4″ hydrocyclones for secondary sand and silt removal
4) Mud hopper with venturi nozzle to provide shear energy in preparing bentonite mud
5) Generator and weatherproof control panel
6) Remote control with 100ft cable for rig operator control transfer pump and optional trash pump
7) Special features such as rear discharge,dump valves and drain troughs,which allow for working environmentally sensitive areas
8) Clean mud sampling valve and mud test kit for viscosity and sand content

GN 200GPM drilling mud recycling system

GN 200GPM drilling mud recycling system is designed for HDD/CBM/Diamond drilling rig for 200GPM treating capacity. The main configaration is :

1) 5m holding tank with 2000gallon 2 compartment holding tank
2) GNYS852 shale shaker devided into 2 parts for shaker and cutting drying after desilter cone with frame type screen.
3) For 4″ dydrocycones for second phase cleaning
4) Mud hopper with mixing pump for weight drilling mud
5) Slurry pump to feeding GN shaker
6) Mixing pump working as trip pump also
7) Handrail and walkway folded on tank

GN Solids Control is a new developing manufacturer for drilling mud cleaning system in China and have been one of the leading manufacturer for HDD/CBM mud cleaning system. GN have sales to over than 40 countries, please contact GN Solids Control freely.


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