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Global drilling projects where the best efficient fluids/solids separation is required. Decanter centreifuge is also designed for barite recovery and dewatering.

MI-Swaco 518 HV Decanter Centrifuge

The CD518 HV (High Volume) unit is an upgraded version of the precedent CD518 Standard centri-fuge. Field tests in fact show that the new model delivers a greater performance than two standard units combined since it increases processing capacity and improves solids separation. The available power for both main and back drive is increased (main from 18.5 to 37kW and back from 7.5 to 11kW) as well as the internal di-ameter of the liquid discharge.

In order to overcome turbulence problems due to the higher flow rate the conveyor has a new con-figuration: a quasi axial flow. This has created a higher flow area and hence a low fluid velocity that lim-its the turbulence.

The bowl and conveyor speed are independent but fixed and there-fore it is necessary to change the belts pulleys in order to adapt the centrifuge behaviour at the differ-ent field necessity. It is possible to control the working process in the sole manual mode (the automatic control is feasible in the version CD518 HV VFD that provide also the possibility to vary the bowl and conveyor speed during the func-tioning).

GNLW363G Fixed Speed Centrifuge VS 518 HV

GNLW363G speed centrifuge is designed equivalent with 518 HV MI-Swaco, This model is high speed which will reach to 3200PRM to get a better performance.The main power drives 37kw and assistant power 7.5kw work centrifuge bowl and screw with a 7.5kw feeding pump. GNLW363 centrifuge provide different speed by changing belts. By offering VFD control panel for this centrifuge, it will reach to a variable speed from 0-3200 RPM.

 CentrifugeModel GNLW363G
Max Capacity 200GPM(45m³/Hour)
Normal Capacity 132GPM (30m³/Hour)
Bowl Diameter 360mm
Bowl Length 1270mm
Beach Angle 8
Effluent Ports 6 Adjustable
Max Bowl Speed 3900RPM
TypicalBowl Speed 3200RPM(Fixed)
G-Force (Typical) 2060
Main Drive HP 50HP
Conveyor Type Axial
Gearbox Ratio 57:01:00
Back Drive HP 15HP
Recommended pump 10HP
Gearbox Torque(Max) 3500 N*m

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