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In GN’s centrifuge production line, there is a model GNLW223 which is also called Mini decanter centrifuge with a bowl diameter of 9 inch and 26 inch long. This mini centrifuge is mostly used in diamond core drilling and some other small drilling projects. Actually, it is a very casual opportunity for GN to start the manufacturing of this mini decanter centrifuge. However, it is unexpected that this model brought GN a broad market in a new industry.
GN Solids Control was founded nearly 10 years ago as a manufacturer of drilling fluids recycling equipment and drilling mud system. Most of GN’s equipments are used in oil and gas drilling industry. At that time, most China made decanter centrifuges used in solids control system are bowl diameter of 18 inch with a speed around 2000 RPM. This type centrifuge is an ideal model for barite recovery.

Mini Decanter Centrifuge

Mini Decanter Centrifuge

While at the same time, the imported centrifuges used in China oilfield has diameter of 14 inch with a speed up to over than 3000 rpm which could remove the find solids down to 5 microns from the drilling fluids. No doubt, most of GN’s attentions are focused on the centrifuge used in oilfield.
One day, GN received an inquiry of decanter centrifuge used for diamond drilling solids removal. That time, GN was much unacquainted to this industry. Look back, we can definitely say that we made a great and right choice that time. Based the technology of manufacturing the centrifuge used in oilfield, GN made the first 9 inch centrifuge for this client coming from a core drilling company. Luckily, this unit pasted the test and won GN good feedback from client
Before the manufacturing of this unit, GN solids control even didn’t know what is diamond core drilling. Nowadays, there are already 16 units GN’s mini decanter centrifuge running in Canada, 3 units in The States and 2 units equipment on solids removal unit working in Chile. More and more clients in this industry come to GN and show their interests to make business with us on this mini decanter centrifuge. This mini centrifuge has already been one shining point in GN full production line, and its onsite performance is proved. The chances are always there, and are you ready to grab it?


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