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The general infor on agitator

Mud agitator can be called mud mixer also.  The mud agitator including motor, gear box, shaft, and impeller. The agitator in drilling mud process system called mud agitator. In other industries there are also agitators, such as in chemical industry, the food service industry, etc. But they are not mud agitator any more maybe the physic agitator, or the jam agitator.

Mud agitator

Mud agitator

Mud agitator specs

Complete mud agitator specs decided by usage industry, the components specs. There are usually following information. The motor, can be explosion proof and common type. As well as the gear box. Then the shaft length, the impeller diameter. Whether there will be stabilizer or not.

Generally we care about more on agitators motors. The main features are, explosion proof type, the speed, the voltage and frequency; if it is explosion proof we also need to know its insulation grade and protection level. Then we need to know the installation type, such as C-Face.

The differential factors

The mud agitator under different working conditions will request related features. Usually, in drilling mud process system there should be one agitator every 3 meters. And other facors are shaft and impellers, etc.

Commonly, the shaft length should be 300-400mm less than mud tank inner height. How about the impeller? This factor is decided by tank width and motor power. Generally speaking, there is a standard configuration on agitators.

Customized Mud Mixer

Customized Mud Mixer

When we use mud agitator holding 10 HP motor the impeller should be 850mm single impeller, or 750mm up one with 650mm down layer one. And when the mud tank inner depth is more than 2m we call the tank is deep one and we need 2 layer impellers. These above factors decide mud agitator models

Other issues on mud agitator

The other issues on mud agitator can decide specific demand. Such as the stabilizer, when the tank inner depth is more than 1.8m it will request shaft stabilizer.  Another issue is the gear box or rotary reducer. This device is an important factor of the agitator impeller speed. 

We know, the agitator impeller speed usually is 60rpm or 73rpm and the motor speed is 1450 rpm when it’s 50Hz. Then we calculate the reduction ratio is 25 or 30. However, when clients request higher speed and different motors the reduction ratio will be different also.

Shaft and impeller material can be stainless steel also. This is upon clients’ requirement and the object to be treated 

How to get correct agitator model?

The model and specs can be chosen according to actual work condition. Subject to actual basic information and users’ preference.

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