Aug 22

Mud cleaning process specially made for CBM drilling was delivered towards the drilling net website. As per the contactor’s drilling rig requirement, we’ve developed him a two-mud-tank remedy, a mud processing/cleaning tank technique moreover to a mud mixing tank system.

Shale Shaker

Mud Processing/Cleaning Tank Program

As a result of the low height of mud return line of a trailer mounted drilling rig, it demands the mud cleaner height is minimize than the standard ones, therefore, the drilling mud in the bole can be transferred towards the shale shaker effectively by its gravity. The solids handle gear mounted on this tank is as follows:

1. two ea x GNZS703 shale shaker

2. 1 ea x GNZJ752-1S Desander with bottom shaker

3. 1 ea x GNZJ752-8N Desilter with bottom shaker

Mud Mixing Tank Strategy

Determined by the unique drilling formations, one particular unit of GNLW452 decanter centrifuge is equipped to separate the fine solids inside the drilling mud by GN Solids America.

The mud mixing unit will probably be installed at a side of your mud mixing tank.

Whenever you have to have to have mud cleaning approach tailored to your exceptional drilling circumstances, CBM, HDD, Oil and Gas or whatever industries, please really feel free of charge to let us know, or you can visit here to contact us.


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