Jul 16

Brisbane No Dig exhibition is focus on trenchless technology and equipment there. No-Dig Down Under 2011 will be held in Brisbane,3-6 Octorber 2011, at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. All trenchless stakeholders shoud take the opportunity to attend these fantastic conferences and social events.

What GN will take to Brisbane No-Dig?

GN Solids Control works as a proffessional manufacture for drilling mud cleaning system to separate solids particals from the No-Dig drilling mud . GN will take a complete 500GPM mud cleaning system to the exhibition to show how GN is qualified and competitive with US manufacturers for drilling mud cleaning system . It’s including:

 1 set GN BEM (Balanced Elliptical Motion) Shaker , 1 set BEM mud cleaner, 1 set mud agitator , 1 set mixing hopper with pump , 2 sets feeding pump and 1 set mud tank with jack leg system for fast moving.

Benifit of GN 500GPM mud system shown in Brisbane No-Dig

1. The first and most outstanding point of GN 500GPM mud cleaning system is the jack leg system. It can make wide legs and lift the complete system to make the semi-trailer come down under mud tank for fast moving . This is surely be a very impressive point for Australian Clients

2. The Balanced Elliptical Motion(BEM) shale shaker is the most advanced technology which can inlarge 10-20% discharge speed and 20-30% larger treating capacity compared with Linear Motion shaker.

3. Compact construction and need not disassemble equipment while travellilng . Handrails and walks can be folded on tank , All equipment stay on tank within the Australia limit dimentions and only cone frame disassemble.

GN is coming to Australia market for drilling mud cleaning system and it won’t only for US. Please contact GN Solids Control freely if you have any questions or inquries.


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