Jun 13

Mud Hopper Brief Indtrodcution

Mud hopper usually used in mud mixing pump, High shearing mixer. Or the mud hopper can be used as separated device matched with pump to do bentonite configuration and mixing in mud mixing system

Most popular mud hopper is 6 inch low pressure (435~580MPa) type. Mud hoppers Complete with 2 nozzle, venturi, funnel, sack table, 6 inch butterfly, valve all mounted on a base.

GN Mud Hopper VS FSI Hopper Feature

GN common mud hopper including 6”(150mm) and 4”(100mm) inlet diameter, the usual input whole dimension is designed as 600x600mm, or 750x750mm according to bentonite bags dimension.

Fluids system mud hopper well known by world clients. They hold strict standard also technique process. Including paint requirements. Anyhow, GN also pursue better hopper as ideal solution for client demand on mud mixing pump and slurry processing.

Commonly GN mud hopper with 2”(50mm), 1-1/2”(40mm), 1-2/5”(35mm). Also the mud hopper can be customized on the caliber dimension according to client actual requirements for the drilling mud processing or mixing.

Mud Hopper Work Condition

The mud hopper also be matched with centrifugal pumps (sand pumps), used on HDD, land drilling, and offshore drilling, etc. A butterfly valve is incorporated in the neck of the hopper to adjust flow and to close off the hopper after use.

The working condition of mud hopper usually is mud density 1.5~2.8g/cm3, while mud viscosity is 60~120s. This is usual working condition to provide better performance as well as longer use life to save total cost on drilling.


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