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Mud mixing pump introduction

The mud mixing pump is combined with pump and hopper. So it’s one type of centrifugal pump. The hopper is Venturi type. The mud mixing pump is rather popular with majority users since it has good performance on mixing and configuration on drilling mud.

Mud mixing pump

Mud mixing pump

Presently, the complete drilling fluids recycling system will includ jet mud mixer.

The design on mixing pump

Mud mixing pump can be designed to many types. One is venturi hopper and centrifugal pump fixed together on the tank skid as one unit and the electricity power is controlled by chief electric cabinet

Second is the hopper fixed on the tank and the pump is on the tank skid they designed separately and connected by pipelines. The electricity power is from chief cabinet directly.

Another type is pump, hopper, and electric control cabinet  fixed on a separated skid and controlled by its own cabinet. One is pump and mud hoppers fixed together on a separated skid but get electricity from chief cabinet directly. We also can design it as dual mixer on one skid. That means two pumps and two hoppers fixed on one skid.

Usage of jet mud mixer

According to users custom we can call mud mixing pump as jet mud mixer also. The mixing pump can be used in HDD mud system, oil and gas drilling fluids system, coal seam drilling mud process system, mine drilling,etc.

Mixing pump on drilling fluids system

Mixing pump on drilling fluids system

We know, the HDD is similar with coal seam drilling. Since they request not too large handling capacity. And the users prefer the system hold complete function including process, recycling, and mixing.

How to choose mud mixing pump?

The choice depends on the system handling capacity. For example, if there is a 3K oil well drilling mud process system holding 120m3/h capacity the mud mixing pump will request capacity up to 120m3/h also. Then the centrifugal pump should have flow rate up to 120m3/h.

Usually, the mixing pump selection has relation with flow rate also the horse power. Then the design of system and the tank construction

Then we need to consider the tank storage capacity. And every 10-30 minutes the jet mud mixer should finish mixture capacity up to storage capacity.

The manufacturer

Famous brand including Derrick equipment, they only treat hopper as the mud mixing unit. And they only have one size hopper is 6″.  They call it 6 Inch mud hooper. And for NOV, they manufacture Mission Jet Venturi Mud Hoppers. How about MI-Swaco? They have HIRIDE Hopper.

GN Solids Control from China produce hoppers sized 6″ and 4″. Or the mud mixing pump is SLH150-40, SLH150-35, SLH150-30, etc. Different manufacturer hold different model and superiority, however, the main principle and function is same.


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