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Mud plant is a station to store mud after finished drilling or mix new drilling mud. Australia is full of CBM drilling and mud plant for CBM drilling mud is getting more and more popular.

Main Equipment for Mud Plant

1)       Shale shaker. Shale shaker will work to recycling waste mud when there are cuttings.

2)       Decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge will be used to lower down mud density if mud weight too high.

3)       Mud Agitator. Agitator will be installed on storage tank to avoid sand settle down.

4)       Mud Gun. Mud gun is working to assistant agitator or keep corner without sands settling down.

5)       Mixing pump and hopper. Mixing pump and hopper is working to mix new mud.

6)       Shear pump and hopper.

7)       Mud tanks to storage mud.

Main working procedure

Normally a mud plant is working to storage of mud, so many tanks will be included. It will require shear pump & mixing pump connect with each other to require a replacement if necessary. The discharge line from mixing hopper should reach to any of the tanks. Mud gun line and water line will need to reach to every tank too. Shale shaker and centrifuge is seldom working but can reach a circulation.

GN Solids Control build a complete line of solids control equipment for mud plant. Please send us inquiry freely.


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