Apr 22

Mud System introduction

Mud system is constructed by a seris of mud cleaning equipments like shale shaker , mud cleaner /desander & desilter,mud agitator ,mud hopper , feeding pumps ,mud tanks and pipelines . A mud system is using to seprate  solids particals from drilling mud , after add chemicals into the mud for reuse.

Mud Puppy mud system

Mud puppy is an American manufacture for mud system . It’s compact and save space .150GPM,350GPM and 500GPM shaker are the main models to make a total mud system . They use a shaker and desander cones to makes the main equipments in the system without desilter cone which can’t separate solids particals smaller than 47 microns . Also the tank capacity is not so large and it’s starage capacity is small . As the shaker and desander cone are the main parts for mud processing , the actral treating capacity is smaller thant he wroten capacity .

GN Mud System all over the world

GN is a Chinese manufacture of mud system not only for small mud system but also for some large mud systems . 150GPM ,300GPM,500GPm ,800GPM and 1000GPM mud system with one tank  is popular as a  small mud system for HDD, CBM or Georthermal drilling  .ZJ20, ZJ30,ZJ40,ZJ50 and ZJ70 mud system is popular for oil and gas drilling with 3 or more tanks for better mud capacity .


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  1. 1. Systsem Mud Says:

    We used mud puppy mud system before

  2. 2. HDD mud system Says:

    hey,friends . Really good job on mud puppy mud system , but I like GN mud system better

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