Mar 30

GN Solids Control has just come back from the CIPPE held in Beijing from March 19th-21st, 2014. This year on the exhibition we received an inquiry from an Indian customer of mud system for 100MT capacity work-over rig . This customer has bought a 500GPM hydraulic jack up system from us 2 years ago also on the CIPPE.

This time this customer needs 2 mud tank insulated tanks total capacity of 300 bbls, have hopper installed. Active Suction mud pits with agitator and jetting gun. Active intermediate tank 2 partition 100&150 bbls, 10HP agitators, jetting gun. Shale shaker tank 250 bbls. Pill/slug tank, slopping bottom, dump valve. Trip tank 25bbl with alarm & strip chart recorder. Mud gas separator, Degasser and shale shaker.

According the requests, we reduce the tank numbers by separating different functioning  compartments. This will also make the mud system more compact. We offered the customer a 2 tank mud system with each tank size 12192x2438x2400mm. The first tank is called shale shaker tank with net capacity of 313bbls. We separate it into 3 compartments. The first compartment is trip compartment installed with a mud gun. The second one is shale shaker compartment with 2 shale shakers and the last compartment is degasser compartment with a vacuum degasser and a mud agitator.  A 11kw centrifugal pump is used for the trip compartment. The second tank we separate it into 2 compartments. One is active intermediate compartment and the other one is pill/slup compartment. The first compartment has a capacity of 180blls installed with mud agitators and mud guns. The second compartment is with a capacity of 95bbls installed with 2 hoppers and mud agitator and mud gun. 2 55kw centrifugal pump used for hoppers.

GN Solids Control manufactures many mud systems every year used in oil and gass driling, HDD, CBM and dredging slurry separation etc. Our drilling waste management system is also very popular. Hope to hear from your inquiries.


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