Jul 30

GN Solids Control is one of the few companies who can produce both big bowl decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer for drilling waste management. But GN Solids Control never ceases to improve, early this year, GN has applied several new applications on its vertical cutting dryer, and the new 3rd generation vertical cutting dryer was proved to have better performance in factory and on jobsite.

Vertical cutting dryer is always positioned as first step treatment for drilling cuttings from oil and gas solids control system. A screw conveyer is used to collect solids discharges from shale shaker, desander, desilter and medium speeded centrifuge. Vertical cutting dryer’s working principal is just like the procedure when washing machine drying the wet clothes.

GNCD930C in waste management system

GN vertical cutting dryer

After researched many previous cases of vertical cutting dryers’ job performance, per customers’ feedback, even world famous vertical cutting dryers have the problem of blocking the meshes. GN engineer team designed below new applications:

1. air knife for GNCD930C vertical cutting dryer
2. scrapers with rubber protections for GNCD930C vertical cutting dryer

Air knife helps to blow the solids stuck in mesh holes and avoids blocking, while scraper helps the solids to fall off the mesh. Those applications greatly enhanced efficiency of GNCD930C vertical cutting dryer.

The new GNCD930C vertical cutting dryer was proved to have excellent performance both in factory and on oilfield jobsite, and is suitable for both OBM and WBM.

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