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New Zealand Drilling Fluid Equipment (DFE) is a results driven company specialising in providing customised solutions to meet clients unique set of requirements. Whether its keeping your drilling fluid working to its full potential during drilling or building an engineered space to mix, store and maintain it

DFE Advantage and Disadvantage compared with GN Solids Control in Australia and New Zealand market

1. DFE hold much higher price than GN Solids Control. As labour cost is much higher than China which make DFE price higher than GN
2. DFE have the location advantage than GN as they are located in New Zealand. It’s more convenient for them visit clients and after sales service
3. GN Solids Control also keep top quality as well as DFE. Many clients is concerned that China equipment maybe lower price and lower quality, but high quality is the core advantage of GN solids control, you will get the same top quality here
4. GN is setting up offices in Australia and New Zealand to make convenient visit and after sales service to clients.
5. DFE mainly focused on oil and gas feild drilling fluid system and started to working on HDD in the near, however HDD is one of a important division for GN solids Control. HDD mud system have been very mature for GN with many units is working all over the world
6. DFE sales maybe better convenient on talking as their culture are same but GN may take many news to Australia and New Zealand on design for all over the world

GN Solids Control is a China based manufacturer for drilling mud system that special for HDD,CBM, oil and gas. GN is one of the leading manufacturer in China that got good sales to developed contries like USA,Australia. Shale shaker, desander and desilter, decanter centrifuge are the core equipment for a complete drilling mud system. Please contact GN freely for inqury.


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  1. 1. Brad Lewis Says:

    It should be known that DFE manufactures all of its tanks in NZ. The electricain (andy smail) that fits the electrical wiring does not have the correct quals to wire machines according to AUS ISO standards. If that info was to make it to DFE’s clients all tanks currently in AUS would have to be recalled. A move that would cripple the business.

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