May 12

I have wrote the energy resources that prometed New Zealand mud recycling unit in last blog , now I’d like to share some information for New Zealand mud recycling unit manufacturer .

DFE mud recycling unit is the one that popular in New Zealand

Here I’d like to share you a DFE2800 mud recycling unit .DFE 2800 Mud Recycling System with tank capacity of 2800 US Gallons can be working as a startad treating capacity of 250 US GPM.

Main Equipments for the DFE2800 mud recycling system is as bellowing:

A tank with total capacity of 2800 US Gallon , a desiter with 4 qty of 5″ cyclone and a shale shaker  with 3 screens on primary deck and 2 screens on top deck . Agitator to mixing mud in tank . A mixing hopper on top tank for mixing cleaning mud . All these equipments help to make a total DFE 2800 mud recycling system .

GN Drilling Mud Recycling unit in New Zealand

GN Solids Control has turned to be a very popular manufacturer for drilling mud recycling unit  in the world as we have exported to over 40 countries like Korea, Australia , India , Thailand, Singapore,Dubai, UK,France,Poland,Lybia ,etc .  GN also focused on oil & gas drilling , HDD , CBM , Geothermal . This is much difference with DFE in New Zealand .


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  1. 1. mud system Says:

    New Zealand is a place that full of energy resouces , that’s why the need the mud recyclng unit and manufactures is popular there

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