Dec 10

America Auger drilling rig is very famous all over the world, a New Zealand client ordered an Auger drilling rig from America and choose GN ZJ40 mud system to cooperate. As the top drilling rig will choose top mud system with many details special request to fit their requirement for fast moving.

Basic Construction of ZJ40 mud system for the Auger rig

1. 2 sets GNPS703 BEM shale shaker with 660GPM capacity each
2. 1 set GNPJ703 BEM mud cleaner with 1000GPM capacity
3. 2 set 55KW centrifugal pump for feeding cones
4. 2 set 55KW mixing pump with mud hoppers
5. 1 set 55KW shear pump with mud hopper
6. Mud Agitators and mud guns on mud tank
7. 3 sets 12m mud tank and 1 set 6m mud tank for recycling and mixing

Advantage of ZJ40 mud system for Auger Rig

1. Each tank with containner point that easy for fast moving
2. 2 shaker and 1 mud cleaner on 1 skid for fast moving
3. Mud agitators and other equipment will stay on tank for fast moving
4. Walkway and handrail foled on tank for fast moving
5. Choose the BEM shaker for better performance
6. Over 130 nos lug type valve is used in this mud system for convenient control
7. More complecated pipeline arrangement for easy operation
8. Different of tank compartment for mixing different mud or material

GN Solids Control has exported to more than 48 countries including New Zealand which is a very good market for market. Oil Drilling,HDD, CBM and slurry separation mud system are the 3 devisions of GN Solids Control, Please contact GN freely for inqury!


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