May 11

New Zealand resources for promoting mud cleaning system

New Zealand is full of naturual resources which promed drilling mud cleaning system very much . Natural gas is focused on Taranaki , natural gas drilling mud cleaing system (solids control system) is using there for separate solids particals in drilling mud . Coal is another resourses in New Zealand in Waikato, Taranaki ,Nelson , West Coast,Canterbury, Otago and Southland . Coal output is increasing so fast also prmoted Coal Bed Methan(CBM) drilling which also use drilling mud cleaning system with some differences based on gas drilling . Geothermal energy has been started and turns to be a new energy in the world , the drilling mud cleaning system for geothermal drilling has turned to be a new area following the geothermal drilling . Also there will be other drillings and area could use drilling mud cleaning system like Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) , piling and so on.

Drilling mud cleaning system manufacturer in China

Drilling mud cleaning system industry has turned to be a very important industry followed by the  enery resources and environment request .GN Solids Control has turned to be one of the leading manufacturer for drilling mud cleaning system focused on CBM ,HDD,Geothermal driling . Many of the solids control manufacturer only do one or two the equipments or only tanks and also they focused on oil ang gas drilling , however GN not only focused on oil and gas driling solids control system but also HDD ,CBM and geothermal drilling mud cleaning compeletly system .


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