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NOV Brandt shaker model

As a famous company all over the world. NOV Brandt holding long history. And they have made incredible development. During past hundred years. They have developed shale shaker to be 13 models totally.

The details are: VSM® Multi-Sizer Separator, LCM-2D Shaker, LCM-3D/King Cobra Cascade, LCM-3D/CM-2 Cascade, LCM-3D In-Line 4-Panel Shaker, VSM® 300 Shaker, Cobra Shaker, King Cobra Shaker, King Cobra Plus Shaker, King Cobra II, Mini Cobra 2-Panel Shaker, King Cobra Venom Shaker, Mini Cobra 3-Panel Shaker

GN shaker details

GN shale shaker can be linear motion shaker, balanced elliptical motion shale shaker(BEM shaker). So there are 2 main model: GNZS linear motion shaker and GNPS BEM Shaker.

BEM Shale Shaker

BEM Shale Shaker

For GNZS type now, we have GNZS83 series, GNZS63 series; while GNPS type we have GNPS70 series. Then GNZS can be 2-3 screen panels according to different handling capacity requirement. GNPS can be 3-4 screen panels and also the BEM shaker can be short motor type and long motor type. This is subjected to client’s preference

For GN shaker, the shaker screen panels also can be customized by specific requirements.

Advantages of both shaker

For NOV Brandt shaker, we know it’s long history professional products, give users reliable quality. While GN shaker is from a new manufacturer who grows rapidly, they obtained good fame from clients by qualified products.

And for the interchangeable feature. For NOV Brandt Cobra shaker they hold screen sized 630x1250mm. The screen  fixing method is quick change. We just need the wedge plate to press the screen and make it stable will be ok. GNZS63 shaker also holding steel frame screens same with Brandt Cobra. The screens for them are interchangeable.

Many clients appreciate GNZS63 shaker for the quick replacement method. For another type GNZS83, this is invented by GN. It holds big treating capacity and superiority on screen long life.


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