Jun 27

This picture with 2 sets of customized mud cleaners are for a recent project. And after being taken this picture, those 2 sets of mud cleaners will be shipped out to its owner, an offshore drilling contractor. Sure they will serve a perfect work for its owners.
Among the oil and gas drilling projects, we can divide the drilling into land rigs and offshore drillings two kinds. Both of them has higher standard than other drilling works, cause they always request for Explosive Proof standard equipment. And comparing with land rig drilling works, the offshore drillings are of higher standards because of its limited space on the offshore platform. Therefore, the offshore projects always request for higher explosive proof standards (mostly ATEX ZONE 1), more compact foot print and easier and safer lifting pads for the equipment (DNV 2.7 standards).
It is not the first time that GN Solids Control has provided such equipment for offshore projects. Before, GN has provided the shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryers to offshore projects.

This mud cleaner has 3 desander cones and 16 desilter cones. And those cones are playing roles as the 2nd step separation and 3rd step separation, respectively for separating our particles of 40 microns and 20 microns. And there are 2 centrifugal pumps for feeding the desander and desilter cones. There is a underflow shaker of 3 pcs of screens used for drying the discharged solids phase from the desander and desilter cones. The shaker has a total screen area of 2.6m2. For this mud cleaner, and all of other shale shakers and mud cleaners, GN provide high quality composite material shaker screens. And in order to reach the standards for offshore, a special lifting frame is added to the mud cleaner for suitable lifting pads for offshore rigs.h

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