Jul 02

Recently, GN Solids Control has just finished the fabrication of another set of Oily Sludge Separation unit for China Oilfield. Until now, GN has more than 5 sets of such system within 1 year. It is mostly used in for the refinery sludge or the mud tank bottom cleaning works. Till now, several such systems are sold to Europe, some to USA and most of which are for oilfields in China. Along with the international service provided by Chinese oil service companies to different places in the world, they also bring GN equipment with us, including the oily sludge treatment equipment.
This is movable lab equipment for oily sludge separation designed on a compact skid, which can be mounted on a trailer and easy for transportation, with GN model: GNOST-05A. It contains:

  1. Pre-heating tank for the material before the shaker. In the pre-heating tank, the material would be mixed with some chemical for reducing the viscosity, in order to allow it to be separated by shaker. That’s why it is also regarded as pre-mixing module.
  2. Shale shaker module: it could separate out the particles efficiently by using suitable sized screen meshes. The liquid disposed by shaker will fall into a catch tank below.
  3. Decanter module, which is located after the shaker module, and also in need of chemical dosing’s help. It is used to choose out the particles between 2 to 5 microns after flocculation.
  4. Stac Disc is the last equipment for the treatment, which could separate the small amount of fine particles from oil and water, and also made the separation of oil and water.

GN Solids Control has several optional models for this oily sludge treatment equipment, providing treating capacities of 1 cbm per hour, 5 cbm per hour and 15 cbm per hour. Those same or similar systems now are working in China and in some other countries in Europe, in Middle East and in America.


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