Aug 03

1. Vibration motor maintenance for oilfeild and directional drilling

a. Clean dust on shell regularly
b. Before operating, must check the bolts to confirm whether there is loose or not. Otherwise, we must screw bolts tight before running the shale shaker
c. Inspect the cable, whether there is wear, hold down, crushing, etc.
d. the vibration motor should be under good lubrication during operation:
Motors before fixed on shaker, the bearing is filled with SKF specific lubricate grease, the temperature range is -40 ~ 200℃

During running, every 2000 working hours user should makeup LGHP2 lubricate grease once. Every bearing can not be filled over 25.8g

e. If we operate the shale shaker after long time off status, we need to inspect motor rotary unit on insulation. Use 500V Ω gauge, get resistance is not larger than 0.5MSZ, we can run the shaker

2. Shaker screen maintenance for oilfeild and directional drilling

a. Before every shut off, the shaker should run without any medium for 5-10 minutes, at the same time, use clean water to flush shaker screen clean

b. Every time finish operation, the shaker frame and screen should be flushed by water (summer) or steam (winter), there should be not much sediment on shaker frame and shaker screen. Especially when the drilling mud has large viscosity and high density or screen is finer than 60 mesh. Otherwise, the particles and fine sand on screen will block screen hole, when we start shale shaker, it will decrease filtration result and lead drilling mud flow away, lose much unnecessary cost

3.  Electric cabinet maintenance

Electric control cabinet is explosion proof magnetic starter, the electric principle is as fig VI, if there is any trouble we must shut off the power, and repaired by electrician or specific person

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