Jun 13

There are different applications for shale shaker, some designed for oilfeild drilling, some for Coal Bed Methan(CBM), some for Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD), some for diamond drilling. Here we will introduce oilfeild drilling shale shaker to you

Features for Shale Shaker in Oilfeild

1) All electricals need to be explossion proof
2) Oilfeild mud flow normally larger than CBM/HDD, well drilling depth always deeper and will have higher spec on quality and treating capacity.
3) High G will be better for working performance
4) Larger shaker screen will be better

Why Choose GN Shaker in Oilfeild instead of Other Brand?

1) GN confirm all Shakers are comply the local regulation
2) Top quality and 12month garrentee for GN solids control equipment
3) GN offer aftersales service or commissioning on jobsite when clients request
4) Proffessional sales help to understand your situation and choose the best model and solution to you
5) GN engineer keep more than 20 years experience and proffessional for trouble shooting
6) First API & ISO company for solids control equipment including shaker shaker

Other than shale shaker, GN also offer desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mud tank,etc. Please contact GN Solids Control for more info.


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