Jul 27

Oilfeild shale shaker is the first phase cleaning equipment in a complete solids control system. New Zealand oilfeild has a very high requriement on quality, especially for electricals. Most of the New Zealand clients will choose US rigs and US shale shaker or New Zealand loacal shale shaker.

Oilfeild Regulation in New Zealand

1) High requirement on Welding
2) High requirement on electricals,like gland connection, certified control panel…..
3) High requirement on safety,like cover for outstand item,handrail,walkway……

Why GN shale shaker is the certified for New Zealand oilfeild?

1) GN have sold to Australia and New Zealand for a lot of equipment which enable us to be familier with New Zealand regulation
2) GN have offices in Australia which enable us to service New Zealand clients better
3) We made mistakes at our early years in New Zealand market which helps us learn a lot of experience on New Zealand regulation

GN Solids Control is a national wide manufacture for shale shaker and other equipment like decanter centrifuge. Please contact us freely for inqury


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