Nov 23

Desander and desilter or all in one mud cleaner is widely used in solids control system as the second and third phase cleaning. The treated fluid can be fed to centrifuge for further treatment. GN Solids Control has 10″ and 4″ hydrocyclones popular used for desander and desilter. And 2″ hydrocyclones is also available by customer request.

Operating principle of  hydro cyclone:

Think of a tornado inside a bottle and you have a rudimentary idea of how a hydrocyclone operates. The following figure illustrates the basic concepts of hydrocyclone operating principles.

Mud enters the feed chamber tangentially at a high velocity provided by pump pressure. As the mud spirals downward through the conical section, centrifugal force and inertia cause the solids to gravitate towards the wall. The solids settle according to their mass, a function of both density and volume. Since the density range of drilled solids is normally quite narrow, size has the largest influence on settling. The largest particles will settle preferentially.

As the cone narrows, the innermost layers of fluid turn back toward the overflow creating a low pressure vortex in the centre of the cone. This low pressure area causes air to be pulled in from the underflow outlet. Correctly operating cones should exhibit a slight vacuum at the cone underflow. The air and cleaned fluid then report to the overflow through the vortex finder. The purpose of the vortex finder is to prevent some of the feed mud from “short circulating” directly into the overflow.

GN Solids Control manufactures many type of desander and desilters with different treating capacity. Mud cleaner with underflow shale shaker is also available. Please do feel free to contact us for more info.


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