Nov 06

On the bottom of mixing tank in a complete drilling mud solids control system, there are always 2 sets of centrifugal pumps installed there. These 2 centrifugal pumps are parallel connected, by means of complicated valves and pipes, these so called mixing pumps could serve for various functions more than mixing when connected with other equipments.

Here, we cited the 3 main functions of mixing pumps.

  1. Traditional function as mixing pumps when connected with mixing hoppers.

As the 2 centrifugal pumps are called mixing pumps, they are connected to 2 mixing hoppers installed on tank top. The inlets of centrifugal pumps are connected with pipelines leading to mixing tank, and next storage tank. Such pipelines are controlled by valves, and therefore, either centrifugal pump can be fed from either tank, and also could feed either hopper.

  1. As mud pump feeding pumps.

There is a bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps, when the valves to mud tank is shut down and valve to mud pump is open, the pumps could feed mud from mixing tank or storage tank to the mud pumps, via which, the well treated drilling mud could return to drilling system.

  1. As mud gun feeding pumps.20141101_102604

Another bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps are directed to mud gun pipeline on the cubic pipe by side of mud tanks. This pipe is used for feeding the mud guns. Mud guns are installed all over the tanks, except for the shaker tank. Besides stirring the mud from settling, mud gun and their pipes are also used to transfer drilling mud from tank to tank.

In a word, mixing centrifugal pumps and mixing systems are vital to a complete and efficient drilling mud solids control system, and GN Solids Control, as the TOP solids control system designer and manufacturer in China, is professional in such field, and always provides with customers the most suitable solutions and high quality products.

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