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PLC Controlled Slurry Separation System

One of our client asked for PLC controlled slurry separation system on mining industry dewatering purification or solids control.

They requested PLC controlled system should for all equipments in the slurry purification system. 

The whole slurry purification system including 2 shale shaker (GNZS 63-3) as first step separation, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, screw conveyer. There should be pumps before GNZS63-3 shale shaker. He also asked dewatering screen must be PU. After separating particles bigger than 420microns the solids will be transited by screw conveyor A.

Solids Control Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker

 PLC Controlled slurry separation system brief demand on equipments

Then there must be a tank and agitator then from agitator tank there must be a pump to shale shaker. There are two pumps one is spare. They must be PLC controlled there must be level sensors in the first slurry tank the PLC must adjust the pump speed depend on the incoming slurry if the capacity is not enough PLC must command the second spare pump and it must run all the system must be automatic, there must be level, flow, pressure sensors.

Specical requirements on PLC controlled slurry separation system

They asked 2 pumps for every equipments including Desander, Desilter, Decanter centrifuge. All the pumps should be rubber liner to assure the pump more durable and anti-friction. Because big sand particles are abrasion material 

At first step separation and back second separation there must be screw conveyor for dried sand ,dried silt, etc outputs after slurry separation system processing. 

They emphasized the system must be complete PLC controlled slurry separation system

PLC controlled system achieve what you care about

PLC controlled slurry separation system realize timely solution on switch pumps and easy-operation whole slurry purification system. PLC need to control all equipments on and off recommend best solution during slurry solids control process. Now according to customer’s specific requirements we’ve designed ideal solution on the whole slurry separation system. The system will be manufactured soon after getting clients’ agreement.

Mining Slurry Separation System

Slurry Separation System

PLC controlled slurry separation system and solids control system is the certin and wonderful tendency for mining and oil & gas industry. We GN will improve ourself by and by to meet customers’ specific demand and requirements.


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