Jun 06

Coal Bed Mathan(CBM) and Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) always required portable drilling cleaning uinit. According to our sales experience, GN approve the poartable 1000GPM drilling fluids cleaning unit to the world

Main Configuration of the 1000GPM Drilling Fluid Unit

A double deck shale shaker will be the first phase cleaning equipment with top screen 20 mesh and bettom 40mesh. This shaker make the whole drilling fuild unit to be compact because only 1 shaker instead of 2. The second cleaning phase is 2×10″ desander with a base shaker and the third phase cleaning is 12×4″ desilter with a base shaker. We design the desander and desilter separate to lower the higher and also to lower shaker load when drilling fluid flow is too high. A 7 meters tank hold all equipment on top and walkway can be folded on side of tank for portable moving

What’s The Price for a Portable 1000GPM Drilling Mud Unit?

The price will depending on which option on electricals. IECEX/ATEX certified electrical motors and control panels configuration price will be higher, normal explossion proof electrical motors and control panel configuration price will be lower, Non-Explossion proof will be cheaper. We never focus on the cheaper price compared with US equipment but always be top quality. If you can buy same top quality but cheaper price mud unit, why not contact GN Solids Control?

Why China Drilling Fluid Cleaning Equipment Price is Cheaper?

Years ago, all believe China drilling fluid cleaning equipment cheaper because low quality. But time is changing,China equipment quality is getting higher and higher, Even a lot of  international and leading companies are Chinese. The real reasons as bellow:

1) China have the one fifth population in the world, which make China labour cost is much lower
2) Many Chinese company in the world make all competition strong and they believe lower profit will make large sales, so total profit will be high

Please contact GN Solids Control for detail price of the 1000GPM portable mud unit


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