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PXL shaker screen is another popular shale shaker screen replacement inquired by worldwide customers. For GN it is a new study direction from NOV Brandt shaker screen. This PXL shaker screen holds similar type with Brandt or Brandt cobra. Just the exact dimension will hold some difference.

Description on PXL Shaker screen for VSM series shale shaker:

How do PXL shaker screen for VSM series shale shaker Extend separation efficiency and screen usable life? Of course with innovative design and high performance on drilling cuttings separation NOV® Brandt® Premium X-tended Life (PXL) series screens for VSM series shale shaker effectively and efficiently separate detrimental drilled solids for drilling fluids processing system.

These screens have been designed using completely new engineering methodologies, resulting in VSM series shaker screens that make mud cleaner cuts than the previous sandwich shaker screen designs of the last three decades.

Additionally, PXL series shaker screen for VSM series shale shaker innovative design provides a significant increase in screen life. PXL screens are specifically-designed for NOV Brandt VSM series shale shaker.

PXL Shaker Screen for VSM series Shale Shaker

PXL Shaker Screen for VSM series Shale Shaker

NOV Brandt PXL screens for VSM series shale shaker are a product of a new engineering methodology: computer-modeled screen design. This results VSM series shale shaker and relative mud cleaner more stable screen cloth throughout Additionally, the PXL screens for VSM series shale shaker also provide users with: A reduction in low gravity solids (LGS) and sand content Increased screen life Decrease drilling cost investment

Features on PXL shaker screen:

Computer-designed cloth combinations give even screen surface and enable consistently high separation efficiency on VSM series shale shakers. Computer-designed frame provide excellent strength and reasonable designation for more flow capacity Compliant with API RP13C (ISO13501) supplies world wide clients screen selection convenience.

Dimension( L x W x H ): 35½ in x 27 in x 1⅝ in (902 mm x 686 mm x 41 mm) Weight: 21 lb (10 kg)

Flexibility on PXL shaker screen and VSM series shale shaker:

The PXL shaker screen will be suitable for VSM series shale shaker including VSM® 300 DIAMONDBACK and VSM Multi-Sizer Separator Furthermore, VSM series shale shakers also can hold  RHD series screens.

GN will do more work on the new replacement screen for VSM series shale shaker also related mud cleaner shaker screens. Since more and more customers know GN can provide qualified screens replacement and our own shale shaker screens


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